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Information about our Ketubahs

Our Ketubahs are printed on heavyweight matte paper.  Canvas is available at an extra charge.

Signing the Ketubah.

If you have your Ketubah printed on paper, we recommend signing with a waterproof, smudge proof, acid-free pen. You can find these at a fine-art craft store.  

For Ketubahs printed on canvas, we recommend using an extra fine point Sharpie permanent marker.

Test your pen before signing to make sure it does not leak or clump. It is a good idea to practice how you will sign on a separate piece of paper while testing the pen at the same time.

Caring for your Ketubah.

Here are some tips for ensuring your Ketubah will last a lifetime:

  • Anyone handling the Ketubah should have clean and dry hands. Try to handle the Ketubah only from the edges.

  • Be sure to designate someone you trust to be in charge of your Ketubah on your wedding day.  This person can also be responsible for the signing pen. Many venues have easels available for safe display during your ceremony.

  • One way to keep your Ketubah safe before and during the ceremony is to purchase an inexpensive plexiglass poster frame (a sheet of plexiglass is sandwiched to a backing board by clips on all four sides). This makes transporting and displaying safe and it is easy to remove the Ketubah for signing.

  • When framing your Ketubah use glass/plexiglass that has a UV protection.

  • Mounting and framing supplies should be archival and acid free.  It is not recommended to dry mount your Ketubah as it could cause damage and discoloration.

  • Do not hang your Ketubah in direct sunlight, near air conditioners, fire places, vents or windows where humidity and heat fluctuate.

Final print color.

Keep in mind that all devices display color differently.  Also, computers use RGB color schemes and printers use CMYK color schemes. A device's screen shoots light out, so everything looks bright like there is light coming through it.  A print reflects light, so the colors may not be as bright but will still be as magnificent. The other thing to keep in mind is that canvas often has a naturally warmer hue which can change the colors of your Ketubah slightly.  Some colors you see on the screen may not be exactly the same when printed, usually they will appear slightly darker in print, however they are very close and often the difference is so slight it is not noticed.

We hope you enjoy your Ketubah and that it will always remind you of your special wedding day and the commitments you have made to each other.

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