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Welcome to our Ketubah Gallery page!   Click on any photo below to enlarge it.

The Ketubahs are printed in the standard sizes of 16x16 or 16x20, however, additional sizes may be requested. Color options are available on some of our Ketubahs. 

The text you see in the Ketubahs is a sample. We will personalize your Ketubah with your names, ceremony date and location. We can also change the font or text color. If you would like to write your own English version, Rabbi Steve will personally work with you to translate it into Hebrew, there will be an additional fee for this service.

Contact us here for prices.

Wine Country Collection

Grape, vineyard theme ketubah
Red and gold grapevine ketubah
Grapevine framed ketubah
vineyard, grapevine theme ketubah
Grapevine arches ketubah
Wine country theme ketubah
Grapevine scroll ketubah
Black and white grape scroll ketubah
grape vine ketubah
Traditional ketubah
Grape leaves ketubah
Green scroll circle ketubah
Green leaves/berries ketubah
Blue scroll cutout look ketubah
Ketubah 19 16x20 low.jpg
Ketuba 1 Hanging Grapes.jpg
Ketubah 16.jpg
Ketubah 2 Vineyard Row.jpg
Ketubah 14 Fall Vineyard low.jpg
Artist's Collection
Cameron Chernoff  
Click Here to learn more about Cameron.     
Grape Leaf Ketubah, Vineyard Wine Country Ketubah
Artists Ketubah,
ketubah wine country
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